The Three-Month Hangover

My symptoms in the first trimester can best be described as a hangover! I got everything associated with a hangover with the exception of throwing up, but I would dry retch instead. This made me feel like I hadn’t accomplished anything. My mouth would start to water, my nose would tingle and I would run into the bathroom, wrap my arms around the toilet seat and hang my head over the bowl. I would then wait for the saliva to stop pouring out of my mouth. Sound familiar? Rest assured you are not the only one dragging yourself up from the toilet bowl feeling miserable and looking like absolute shit! I still can’t believe I thought I would be “glowing” by this stage. I looked pale, pasty and pregnant!
As part of any hangover all you want to do is sleep, and pregnancy is no exception. When I was able to sleep it was very heavy and deep. Not only had I been going to bed ridiculously early from feeling so sick, I was waking up to a wet pillowslip (gross, I know!), I would dribble and dribble and dribble!
Most nights, before I fell into that heavy sleep pattern, I would find myself gently kicking my husband to wake him up in order to stop him snoring. I have always been tempted to hold his nose but I know that is just too cruel, even for a hormonal pregnant lady. Once I was out, nothing disturbed me. My husband then brought to my attention that I had started to snore. As he sounds like a tractor when he sleeps I made him impersonate me so I could hear what I sounded like. I was not snoring but simply breathing, maybe a little heavier than normal but that was it. He probably just wanted an excuse to start kicking me in the middle of the night.