Labour — My long awaited story

It was the seventh of October, Friday morning at four o’clock. I was woken up by intense, sharp pains through my entire lower abdomen. Contractions can’t even be compared to anything, not even period cramping. I don’t really know how to relay the intensity of the pain. I hate when people say, “You will just know when it happens” — how is that supposed to help? That gives no preparation for the birth whatsoever! My version is the only way I can attempt to try and describe it at the best of my ability. Unfortunately I am going to have to start in saying “YOU WILL JUST KNOW!” I do like to think I am elaborating on the “You will just know”.

Contractions are similar to when you get a Chinese burn, the wringing on your arm becomes tighter and tighter until it becomes unbearable. The contractions start at that unbearable pain and continue to worsen. It has the same feeling as period pain but on a much, much, much higher level. When I had my first contraction, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move. I was in agony. That was how I knew my contractions had started. So how do you know when your contractions start? As I just stated above “You will just know”. You will know it is your contractions starting and not braxton hicks as it is very painful, that sort of pain you will not question because you will JUST KNOW! I did experience Braxton hicks. Braxton hicks are false contractions. I would say these start preparing you for the real deal. I kept convincing myself they were the real contractions as I desperately wanted my baby in my arms.

…more to read in the book.


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