Baby’s six-week check-up

Sitting in the waiting room at the pediatricians for my baby’s six-week check, I was feeling relaxed. I had been doing a pretty good job; she was feeding, sleeping moderately well and developing according to plan. As soon as I entered his office my self-praise was taken away from me. To be blunt, the pediatrician was a bit of a dick! Whether or not it was the male approach that was untactful, patronising and arrogant, he was unpleasant. He made me feel insecure with my parenting skills and for a brief moment made me feel incompetent. I went in there feeling like I was doing a pretty good job and then walked out of his office with my confidence shattered.

He told me I wasn’t feeding her enough, she had a flat spot on the left side of her head (which was the fault of lack of tummy time), she had thrush in her mouth, reflux and lastly she had dropped in weight. Being sleep deprived and exhausted this felt like an attack. At this point I felt like the worst mother in the world. How naive could I have been in thinking I was doing a pretty good job. I was giving her tummy time, I was feeding her the best I could and I was sterilising her bottles. How could this all be happening? I was feeling so vulnerable I didn’t have the strength to tell him what an arrogant asshole I thought he was!

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