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I am the author of Mumma to Be.

Mumma began when my pregnancy had my boobs reaching my knees, introduced me to a whole new level of psychosis – my husband was thrilled with this one and a ‘pregnant’ hangover that I thought would never end. Not exactly what I was expecting, but I was lucky enough to encounter some memorable moments too. All in which I have candidly shared in Mumma to Be.

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Review of Mumma to Be

Trying to decide which pregnancy book to buy? Answer is this one “MUMMA TO BE” written by Amanda Starling. Without a doubt best pregnancy book written full of facts, fun and REAL life situations. The author makes you feel like you’re her new BFF. Absolutely Fabulous. FIVE STARS!

Mother of one & Teachers Assistant Mandie Cubeddu

My daughter loves the books, as you can see. Of course,     Addy opening book
I am encouraging her to read…

Addy reading book

My girl is full of fun and enjoyment and although motherhood can be challenging, I am so glad she came into the world.





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